Service to take care of your jewels and ornaments: Every person is proud about his/her jewellery. In order to wear those jewels in style, it is necessary to take utmost care for there are chances for them to get discoloured, damaged, or scratched. Taking good care of your precious jewels and ornaments is very easy. All it takes is a little time.

  • Before wearing any jewellery, check if they are in perfect condition without any damages and scratches.
  • Always wear jewellery after applying make-up, because chemicals in perfumes or talc may damage ornaments.
  • Jewellery should not be worn while doing any hard chores, especially if they are stone studded.
  • They get scratched easily and may eventually loose their original shine.
  • Jewels should not come in contact with water for a prolonged period because they may get tarnished soon.
  • Remove your jewellery before bathing. After removing make sure to inspect your jewels for loose parts
  • Always store jewellery in a clean, dry place. The best solution for storing your jewellery is to keep them in a jewel box.
  • Always separate and store all your jewels in fabric-lined jewellery case or in a box with compartments.
  • If you prefer to use an ordinary box, remember to wrap each piece individually in a soft tissue paper.
  • Before storing your jewellery after any use, gently wipe them clean of sweat or grease using a soft cloth.
  • Periodic cleaning of your precious jewellery will help you maintain their original beauty for a long period.
  • Never clean your jewellery over the sink, instead make use of a bowl.
  • Warm Detergent Wash. First take a shallow bowl and mix a little household detergent in warm water.
  • Place your jewels in the bath for few seconds and gently brush with a soft old toothbrush.
  • Then transfer them carefully to a wire tea strainer or a sieve and rinse under running water.
  • Pat dry with a soft cotton cloth immediately. Your jewels will glitter like new now.
  • While cleaning any jewel in the warm detergent bath, avoid harsh fibres, household scrub or coarse powder.
  • Use only a mild household detergent.
Note: These instructions are only a guideline to help you preserve you precious jewellery in its original beauty.
It is always better to consult the expert for some jewellery advice.
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